How to win beer pong

how to win beer pong

How to Win at Beer Pong. Beer pong is a popular party game. It's often played at college parties, but it can be played at any party among adults. The game. Wanna win every game in beer pong? Just watch this video and learn how to!. Hopefully this video will help you learn and develop a better beer pong shot and help you become a overall. His shot, which has won him tens of thousands of dollars, involves gripping the ball with his thumb and middle finger, and then holding it at the top of his head before whipping the ball in a downward, tomahawk-like motion towards the cups. ABOUT US ADVERTISE About Our Ads Contact Us RSS FAQ Careers Archive Casino money Agreement Privacy Policy Comment Policy. How to Cheat and Win at Drinking Games. The only rule that exists regarding where you stand is the one that says your elbow cannot cross the plane of the beer pong table when you shoot. You may want to stand completely square with both feet even but generally shot percentage is best with the shooting foot forward. Slugworth if I end up winning. Food News Shows The Katchup Worst Shots Ever Foodbeast Recipes Foodbeast Approved Foodbeast Presents:

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But let's be real, you've got to master the basics of certain drinking games you'll find at every party. Atop McDonald's salty signature French fries is a cheddar cheese sauce and applewood-smoked bacon crumbles. Peter Pham 17 hours ago. Act as if you are going to take a normal shot or wait until your oppenents look away from the table and then quickly throw a bounce shot. You could almost imagine the cup getting bigger and bigger and then sink it! Check out some of the entertaining photos from the burpzine Instagram account. NEWS Highline Science Education Weird News Business TestKitchen Tech College Media. Get in correct stance. If you used the above compressed air cannon to hit them, however, I'm pretty sure they'd be in the hospital and you'd be in jail. An impressive shot that sees the ball going in a straight, direct line into the cup. The only rule that exists regarding where you stand is the one that says your elbow cannot cross the plane of the beer pong table when you shoot. I mention not to bounce often because your opponents will begin looking for it after a few attempts and they will be ready to block the bounces. Be careful not to knock over the cup as it results in taking that cup out. Did you try these steps? Did this article help you? Take Good Angles There is no rule saying you need to stand directly behind the table. Just remove the ball, wash it, and begin playing the game.

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Beer Pong Tricks 2016 Hack Subscribe to the Lifestyle email. No one shot is universal, so test out all three to see which works best with your playing style. Continue doing this until all of the cups are gone. I expand on this below. Fortunately, it's pretty easy to avoid, according to a dermatologist interviewed by Consumerist. I want to be wrapped up in one of these CHEESE BLANKETS getting draped over hot dogs at Joone Gane in South Korea! Beer pong is a well-crafted game made by drunks for drunks. Hell, flash a testicle if you have to. To get to that position, Pratt first had to complete tests for the first three levels of the Cicerone certification program before studying for over a year to take and pass the Master Cicerone exam. This is great advice, it really works! A dry ball will go a shorter distance and can be harder to aim. If you keep the bounce low and fast, your opponent will have more trouble blocking it and will also have a great risk of knocking their own cups over since they are forced to get their hand low when making the block attempt.

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